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O’Hara’s Irish Red Wins At The Great International Beer Festival


The Great International Beer Festival in Providence Rhode Island is one of America’s largest International beer festivals. This year’s event in November marked the 21st anniversary, and to celebrate being of legal drinking age in the US, the Great International Beer Festival was the biggest one yet!

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 downtown Providence featured 85 brewers and 260 beers, a Mecca for Beer Lovers from all over New England. The largest Beer Festival in the US Northeast and also one of the most benign. With proceeds benefiting Rhode Island non-profits like the RI Community Food Bank.O'Haras - Irish Red

The centerpiece of the day was the competition, which had some 720 entries in dozens of beer categories. Including wheat beers, fruit and spice beers, gluten-free, porters, stouts, lagers and a host of strong beers, such as doublebocks, eisbocks, scotch ales and barley-wines.

For O’Hara’s, success came in the Irish Red category with O’Hara’s Irish Red taking home the Bronze Medal in this section. Overall this was a great event and something Carlow Brewing Company will definitely look forward to being involved in again.