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The O'Hara's Rotational Tap

What’s on the O’Hara’s Rotational Tap today we here you say? Well take a look at the board and see for yourself.

We would like to introduce you to the O’Hara’s Rotational Tap. We know the beauty of craft beer is all about trying out different beers which is why we will be bringing our rotational tap to some of Dublin’s finest bars.

The rotating beer tap is not anything new in craft beer circles, in the US in particular bars constantly rotate different beers as it has a number of benefits to both the consumer and the bar!

For the consumer, they can get to sample a variety of our beers over a period of time, they can also give feedback to the bar letting them know what they think of our beers and what they would like to see next. Maybe it is the latest Hop Adventure release or perhaps they would like to see our Leann Folláin extra stout on tap again apoteketgenerisk.com.

For the bar they get to try a selection of our beers which mixes things up and give the customer more choice. They can also get direct feedback with regulars and find out what is the most popular O’Hara’s beer over a  certain period of time. We also will add the bar to our digital rotational board and will share via social every week tagging them in the post which hopefully will send some new customers there way!

We are looking forward to seeing more of these spring up over the coming weeks but down below we have our first few pubs who have signed up to this new concept, so go check them out this weekend and perhaps try something new!

If you happen to see our rotational boards out and about in Dublin then let us know what you think and what you would like to see next and we will pass on your comments to the bar in question!

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