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Following the successful launch of our Irish Stout Nitro in 440ml cans, and our new range of India Pale Ales. We are so pleased to announce the release of our Irish Red Nitro, which was previously only available on draught, in 440ml cans. You’ll recognise the same great flavours of O’Hara’s Irish Red with trademark hints of sweet caramel and mild nutty biscuit, all amplified with a smooth creamy mouth feel and a nice warming finish.

Nitro Red Ale:

Nitrogenation, traditionally used in Stouts, is used to approximate the smooth carbonation typical of cask conditioned ales and has become the norm for our kegged Irish Red Nitro and now for our canned version, giving a smooth creamy texture to the head.

The brewing process: 

The wonderful malty caramel notes and flavours found in our Irish Red come from a healthy addition of caramalt to the mashing process. The sweetness generated is balanced with dryness of the crystal malts. Visually the Red colour is intensified by the finest roast barley, while subtle hop additions in the kettle give just the right bitterness and aroma to craft this distinctive Irish Red Ale. The nitrogenation process subtly mellows the flavours together <br>and compliments with a smooth creamy texture.


Dark ruby red in colour and pours with a dense smooth creamy head.


The malt aroma is immediately present and lasting with a tiny hint of roast barley, with an unmistakable fruity and almost herbal quality to the aroma due to the late addition of Mt. Hood hops.

The taste: 

The addition of a pinch of roast barley during the brewing process lends a distinctive bite which is balanced by a crisp medium bitterness. The caramalt flavours follow all the way to the end.

The menu combo:

Excellent with seafood particularly shellfish and smoked salmon. Also pairs well with strong flavoured cheeses and dry cured meats such as Parma ham.

Style Traditional Dry Irish Stout

ABV 4.3%

Plato 10.75°

IBU 36

Fermentation Top fermentation

Glass O’Hara’s stem glass.