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Introducing Session IPA


We’re pleased to announce that we have bottles our Session IPA in 500ml bottles. Previously only available in kegs this session IPA was designed to be light and easy drinking while still full of the punchy flavours of a traditional IPA. Brewed with 100% Irish malt to deliver a pale, clean and very crisp body. This matched with the late addition of hops including Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook make this a full flavoured, incredibly drinkable IPA.

Session IPA:

The most common explanation for the term Session IPA dates back to the days of WWI-era England when workers drank on the job. Workers were allowed two drinking periods or “sessions” of 4 hours each workday. This called for a lighter beer than your usual stout or porter, allowing workers to drink more beer without getting too drunk to perform their duties.

 The brewing process: 

Brewed with some the best of Irish malt with generous amounts of Caramalt and Oat Malt to give a good flavoursome body, matched with full on aromas from the late addition in the kettle of the legendary hops that are Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook followed up with the double dry hopping from Citra and Amarillo make this a very special and sessionable treat. .

Hazy with a light golden body.


The tropical fruit aroma is immediately present with notes of orange and grapefruit with subtle hints of lemongrass.

The taste: 

Flavours of cherry, melon, lemon & lime combine with a variety of hops to provide a slight herbal finish
and a clean, crisp mouthfeel.

The menu combo:

Pairs perfectly with chicken Caesar salad, smoked salmon, crisp lamb and Stilton cheese.

Style Session IPA

ABV 3.8%

Plato 10.6°

IBU 25

Fermentation Top fermentation

Availability 50cl Bottle,30L Keg (carbonated)

Serving Temperature 6-8°C

Glass O’Hara’s Conical