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Imperial Stout

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Imperial Stout Brand (for web) 2-01To celebrate 20 years of brewing we crafted this limited edition Imperial Stout. This beer impresses from the first touch with it’s sheer complexity. Immensely viscous, yet smooth with a rich syrup mouthfeel. The aromas and flavours of rich coffee, chocolate and a light hop addition hit every sense and lead to a long warming finish where the flavours constantly develop. This is a beer which will develop for years in the bottle.

Take a sip, savour and let your senses take in the natural ingredients and passion that went into every single stage of it’s creation.

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StyleTraditional Imperial Stout  ABV10.0% Plato23° IBUs60 FermentationTop fermentation Availability37.5cl Bottle, Occasional cask-conditioned 



Serving Temperature10°C Food PairingThis stout pairs excellently with grilled meats, dark chocolate, or poured lightly over vanilla ice cream as a dessert. Strong crumbling cheese such as feta, stilton or gorgonzola pair very well with this full bodied stout. GlassO’Hara’s stemmed glass