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O’Hara’s Barrel Aged Series – Barley Wine


O'Hara's - Barrell Aged Series

Where the essence of select whiskey barrels combines with O’Hara’s award winning beers.

In 2014, we continued to develop our barrel aged beers range, filling select whiskey barrels with our Barley Wine beer launched in 2013 as a limited edition cask conditioned beer.

Edition No. 3 – O’Hara’s Barley Wine 9.6% abv

Deep ruby red in colour and aged for 90 days in Irish whiskey barrels, the flavour is complex and unique, combining the smoothness of chocolate malt, caramalt and roasted barley with tones of Irish whiskey. The defining attribute this beer holds is the balance of sweetness and warmth from the barley wine beer and whiskey barrel essence. Gentle carbonation brings out delicate notes of charred oak, whiskey and a mild floral aroma from Challenger and Mt Hood hops.



StyleBarrel Aged Barley Wine ABV9.6% Plato °20.20° IBU45 FermentationTop fermentation, oakwhiskey barrel aged. Availability75cl swing cap bottle – limited edition. 


Serving Temperature6-8°C Food PairingPairs well with dark roast meats such as beef and lamb. A good combination with hard cheese types and cured meats. An excellent desert beer. GlassO’Hara’s stem glass.