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Notorious Red IPA

A Red IPA is a great way to celebrate craft beer and our brewers have not held back on this one. Packing an outrageous variety of malts and hops into our latest seasonal brew – they’re notorious!

Using 6 different types of speciality malt and 5 different hop varieties this Red IPA will show the uninitiated what craft beer is all about and remind the converted why they love it so much!

The malt backbone sets the tone perfectly with biscuit, caramel and light roast flavours, but the real star is the hop blend that provides a bittering bite with citrus, pine and floral notes that linger on the palate.


StyleRed IPA ABV5.0% Plato°12.5° IBUs40 FermentationTop fermentation Availability50cl Bottle, Keg (carbonated), Occasional 41L cask-conditioned 


Serving Temperature6-8°C Food PairingThe Red IPA makes for a great dinner date. The hoppy bitterness cuts through roasted meats and rich stews; the freshness of the orange and pine finish complement Italian flavours, working great with dishes like pastas, pizzas, and anything served with tomato sauce. The caramel sweetness from the crystal malt makes this Red IPA a perfect cheese board pairing brew, in particular with smoked cheddars and tangy blue cheeses. GlassO’Hara’s Irish Craft Beer conical glass