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Lublin to Dublin Foreign Extra Stout

Lublin to Dublin 2016 glass & bottle (for Lublin Page)

LUBLIN TO DUBLIN - Foreign Extra Stout brand Ol-01

Lublin to Dublin is a collaboration between Carlow Brewing Company and Poland’s Pinta Brewery. This is the third beer in the Lublin to Dublin series.

Brewed at O’Hara’s Brewery, this Foreign Extra Stout is intense, full-bodied and complex. The pronounced roast flavours bring forward the more subtle dark malt characteristics of aniseed, vanilla and dried fruit. The addition of Polish hops with their unique heavy and earthy flavours perfectly balance the intensity of the darks malts, providing a great backbone for this full, satisfying brew.Barley


StyleForeign Extra Stout ABV7.0% Plato °18.5° IBU45 FermentationTop fermentation AvailabilityBottle 50cl and 30L Keg 


Serving Temperature10-12°C Food PairingThis beer is perfectly paired with barbecued meats, dark chocolate or any chocolate dessert. GlassO’Hara’s Tulip glass