Hop Adventure Strata


The Hop Adventure Series has been developed to showcase some of the most interesting hops from around the world. With this in mind we designed a beer that would allow the hops to display their full flavour and aroma. The style of beer brewed is a single hop India Pale Ale meaning one hop was used for bittering, aroma and several rounds of dry-hopping.

This edition showcases Talus – A recently released hop of neomexicanus heritage. The beer pours a light golden colour with a slight haze. The Talus hops contribute zesty grapefruit, and tropical fruit aromas, with complex
earthy and herbal tones, including notes of rose petal and sage

Beer Facts


Style IPA ABV5.0% Plato °12.4° IBU45 FermentationTop fermentation Availability 50cl Bottle


Serving Temperature6-8°C Food PairingPerfect for matching with a Thai Green Curry, Fajitas and Lemon Tart. GlassO’Hara’s Irish Craft Beer conical glass