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Hop Adventure Aramis Hop

Hop Adventure Series 3(For HA page)

Hop Adventure Series 3 Brand (black) OL-01The Hop Adventure Series has been developed to showcase some of our favourite and the most interesting hops from around the world. With this in mind we designed a beer that would allow the hops to display their full flavour and aroma. The beer’s style is a Single Hop India Pale Ale meaning one hop was used for bittering, aroma and several doses of dry-hopping.

The third in our Hop Adventure Series has brought us to a more traditional variant of hop. Hops from the Alsace region of France have long been used in pale lager beers. However, more recently hop breeding programmes in Alsace have been bringing out more interesting styles and Aramis caught our immediate attention. It is as a great hybrid hop that perfectly combines a big hoppy bite with citrus as well as the peppery spice associated with old world lagers.


StyleSingle Hop IPA ABV5.0% Plato °12.5° IBU35 FermentationTop fermentation Availability50cl Bottle, 33cl Bottle, 50L and 30L Keg (carbonated) 


Serving Temperature8-12°C Food PairingExcellent accompaniment to any beef dishes especially beef burgers and spicy Mexican chili. Parmesan and Romano cheese pair well with this refreshing single hop IPA. GlassO’Hara’s Conical