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Barrel Aged Leann Follain Edition 9


In 2012, we embarked on a new project, the barrel aging of our beers in select whiskey barrels that we felt would match and balance well with any one of our beers.

Awards / accolades for our highly acclaimed Barrel Aged Leann Folláin include Trophy winner at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2015 & 2016 (October), Concours M Biere Pierre Celis Platinum Medal winner at Mondial de la Bière 2014 in France and Gold Medal winner at the Irish Whiskey Awards 2014.

The ninth edition of our Barrel Aged series sees our Leann Follain aged in Irish Whiskey Barrels to create a stout that is best when opened quickly and enjoyed slowly.

To craft this beer we fill casks which were previously used for Whiskey with our full bodied and rich O’Hara’s Leann Folláin Extra Irish Stout.  The stout is then aged in the barrels for 3 months where it picks up the intricate flavours of the whiskey and subtle characteristics from the carefully selected oak cask.  After aging we then bottle condition the beer to give a gentle carbonation, bringing out the best of both the stout and the bourbon.

Barrel Ageing:

All beers were once conditioned in wooden barrels as standard before the introduction of the stainless steel keg and cask. Today some brewers have returned to the wooden barrel to achieve a variety of effects in the final product. While barrel aging can allow a period where a secondary fermentation to take  place to produce sour beers such as lambics (which are often aged in wooden barrels used to ferment wines), other beers including porters and stouts are aged in barrels which were previously used for maturing spirits. The barrel aging method is now used for a wide variety of beer styles including blondes, and barley wines.

The brewing process: 

Excited to explore new brewing techniques, we were keen to introduce this method into our range. The key to this 9th Edition using our luxurious Leann Folláin stout is in the oak barrel conditioning. The already rich and wholesome stout is allowed to mature for 90 days in an Whiskey Barrels. During the barrel aging process, the warming essence of the Whiskey residing in the natural oak panels is infused with the rich roast chocolate flavours of the stout. The burnt roast and bitter notes permeate into the stout from the charred innards of the oak barrel of create a well balanced sophisticated beer. In this limited edition barrel aged range, we are extremely happy with the finished product and recommend this beer as one to truly savour. We hope you enjoy!


Opaque black with a medium carbonated head


Light Whiskey notes complement the rich stout aroma.

The taste: 

This is a very smooth beer due to the wood aging, which also adds some vanilla,<br> dark fruits and oak. There is a good deal of sweetness balanced by the bittering hops while<br> the whiskey flavour lingers throughout providing a gentle warmth.

The menu combo:

Pairs well with dark meats such as beef and lamb. A good combination with blue cheese types and cured meats. An excellent desert beer.

Style Barrel Aged Extra Irish stout

ABV 9.2%

Plato 20°

IBU 40

Fermentation Top fermentation

Glass O’Hara’s stem glass.