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O'Hara's Barrel Aged Barley Wine

O'Hara's Barrel Aged Barley Wine

O’Hara’s Barley Wine and the essence of Irish Whiskey combine

Following the enthusiastic interest and great reviews of our O’Hara’s Barrel Aged Leann Folláin, we’ve some good news; the third edition is now available! Introducing O’Hara’s Barrel Aged Barely Wine, launching Valentine’s Day 2014  for beer lovers everywhere.

This Limited Edition beer is a small batch brew of O’Hara’s Barely Wine aged in Irish whiskey barrels for 90 days. The result is a complex and unique beer with multi-layered luxurious flavours of biscuit, coffee and plum combined with undertones of vanilla and charred oak imparted from the whiskey barrel aging.  Deep burgundy in colour with a distinctive floral aroma from Challenger and Mount Hood hops, balanced with a smooth sweet finish.

O'Hara's Barrel Aged Barley Wine

Hand crafted, hand bottled and hand labelled this beer doesn’t need you to wait for a special occasion, it is the special occasion.

With only 1,700 bottles available of this edition, pick one up in your local off-licence before they are all gone.